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Funny No.149 ~ 153 - Animal gallery again~

This dog looks funny.

Quite scary huh?


The cat is just so loooooong

Dog fashion,wearing a wig??

Pictures Gallery 144 ~ 148 - Animal Photos~

Bite you!

They are adorable!

Praying and smelling

2 mouses and 1 mouse

What are you looking at!?Bite you.

Funny No.141~143 -Advertisement of nikon camera

It just simply did too well in auto focusing

Funny Joke No.140 - No matter what animal is this, it is just too horny!

Tell me what you see

Funny No.139 - Is this cosplaying or what ?

No.138 Wondering how they manage to save the cow

132. - 137. Funny Cat Photos

Fat Cat

lol,those rabbits get lied

Yummy KFCat

Rabbit always get lied by cat??

Dangerous "dog"
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I don't need subtitle..

Funny Photo No.112-131 - Failed cosplay

He lies.


Pikachu has grown up.


Team rocket!

Is this sonic??

Why he feel so sad

Sellthemoon 2

Naruto(enlarged version)



Sakura and kakashi

Stop smiling to me ..

Yuna is it?


Check another Funny Cosplay Pictures

Sleepy dog~

Say goodbye to him~

Funny Memory Video..haha

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Funny Picture No.111 - Bringing gf to have a picnic with friend

Hopeless ppl - -

119.Is that clear enough?

Yes, we know you're busy now

118.Level we can never reach

117.Spare tire for your waist

116.Typical Driv-thru

"Excuse me,can I have a gas refuel here?"

115.Please give me a break...pleaseeeee

You haven't feed me for 3 days already!!

114.I thought today is our big day???

If I knew it, I won't get marry with you anymore..

113.Opps, sorry~~

You purposely did that,I know it!!

112."Mum, what are they doing there?"


111.You shouldn't have offended your wife.

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